Easily Reboot or Power On/Off any connected device over the telephone. The Power Stoneā„¢ RPS II is excellent for rebooting DSL modems, computers, routers, switches, ATM's, Kiosk's, webcams, and voice mail systems. This phone call activated AC power controller typically ships within 1 business day. Our RPS Software now allows for automated remote power control, scheduling and monitoring of devices.
Our 4 Port RPS-SP4L remote power controller allows you to reboot your computer or other device over the web or over the telephone. This advance remote power switch gives you an in-band and out-of-band solution in one device. It features reboot upon ping failure, email notifications, voltage monitoring, temperature monitor and a list of additional features.
The RPS-ERP II allows power on / off and reboot control over the internet using your browser. This remote power switch has its own CPU, Webserver and RJ-45 Ethernet port. Secure password access, DDNS, configurable http access and control of 4 electric ports for your computer, router or other device. The PLUS version allows for testing of a device by ping, and automatic reboot upon test failure.
Our RPS III is a 2 port voice prompted, telephone controlled remote power switch. Allows for easy remote power control using telephone DTMF tones into a voice prompted interface.

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