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Business Class Online Data Backup and Storage of your Critical Files.

Deltronix Enterprises remote online backup services allows backup of your critical business data over the internet. The following services are available.

Remote Online Backup Backup of all changes to your business data over the internet. Daily emails with status and logs of activities. Data is fully encrypted.
Monitoring of Your Remote Backup Server Deltronix personnel can install specialized secure remote access software on your server that is used to monitor, configure and verify data backups over the internet by our personnel.
Installation of Our Remote Online Backup Software and Configuration We install, configure and test our Remote Online Backup Software on your sending computer.
Perform Initial Backup and Load Your Encrypted Data on our Servers We supply your firm with a USB hard drive and remotely perform an initial data backup to this drive (We can also visit your office if local.). The data is then sent to our offices for a data load onto our servers containing your storage locker. Once loaded, only the differences occurring to your business data is sent over the internet to our service.
Quarterly we send a USB Drive containing the 'storage locker' maintained on our servers. This provides your firm with a archival copy of your firms data. Contained on the USB Drive is a specialized copy of our software. The software allows you to retrieve any of your files from the USB Drive. You will have a complete periodic snapshot of your firms data.
We replicate your encrypted 'storage locker' to another offsite location. The data that is in your storage locker on our servers is further backed up to another remote location assuring the utmost safety in the recovery of your data.
Emergency Disaster Recovery Option For critical needs, Deltronix can restore your online data to a server located in our data center. We can configure a duplicate of your firms server at our location. (Either you can supply the server, or we can configure one of our servers for you.) After your online backup arrives, we can restore all incoming data to this in-house server. This will give your firm a fully configured, ready to run, emergency server that can be delivered locally or shipped - in case of total failure of your equipment. We can also install remote access software to this in house server and allow your personnel to monitor and update the server as necessary to maintain your readiness. For a full Disaster Readiness Option, this option offers many benefits to your firm and its critical data.
Services offered are customized and priced for individual clients. Deltronix will provide a quote after initial consultation. Archival copies of your data locker are sent when a significant data change occurs.

The client remote backup software we will provide works like regular data backup software, but with one important difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer, the software sends the backup over the Internet to a backup server safely offsite in our data center. It does this (usually) at night while computers and your internet connection are not being used. Backups can also be done on-demand, any time.

The software is completely automatic. You preset the schedule, select your files and your critical business data stored on your computer/server is transferred.

The software is constantly reevaluating your data, adding files to the backup as needed. Several full copies of files are stored using a sophisticated version control system unavailable in most other backup software.

The Online Backups are encrypted for complete security. The client software we will install has a 'key' file that contains this data encryption information. Without it, you will not be able to retrieve your online files. Deltronix cannot restore or read the files unless we have access to this key file.

Using our system, your backups are immediately sent offsite and stored safely away. This is where businesses make mistakes. Even if they do everything else perfectly, backups are of little use if their building burns, or they are unable to physically recover their tapes from the premises. Sometimes your tapes are left in the building with the computer, where they can be destroyed right along with the computer.

Our client software solves this problem by automatically storing this valuable data at more than one site (yours and ours). So, your business can be back up and running with new computers and your latest data restored no matter what catastrophe happens.

Our software does not backup the whole operating system of your computer, just the data, that information you use everyday and changes constantly. Examples would be your data files for Accounting, Outlook, Contacts, Drawings, Data Sheets, and Word customer files etc. If your computer is stolen, you would setup a replacement computer with the operating system, and then restore your key 'data' files back to the computer. Alternatively, Deltronix can have a duplicate of your server located in our data center, and your online backups can be restored daily to this system. Your personnel can remotely monitor this server and assure yourselves of a complete disaster recovery solution is available.

You can also do a partial restore using our client software. Using the Windows Explorer type interface, you would pick the backup, open the database, select the file(s) you need to recover, and automatically issue commands that would retrieve the files from our server.

The client software we provide runs on all versions of Windows including Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, ME, Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1. It can run on your laptop or desktop, along with your server, for periodic on-demand backup. An example would be running the online backup software on your laptop at night, where you would connect to our server and transfer your data for safekeeping. We will assist you with client software installation on your computer(s).

How Much ? Base pricing for 5 Gigbytes of backup space is $85.00 per month and includes one installation of the client software and data transfer to our servers. The client software can be mapped to network drives, if necessary, to backup all desired data on your network. If you have other computers you also would like to have backed up, it would require another copy of the client software at a cost of $25.00 per month. All additional copies of the client software would backup to your 5 Gigabyte storage locker. If you exceed your 5 gigabyte storage limit in any month, another 5 gigabyte locker would be billed for an additional $85.00 per month.

Example pricing: For a storage locker of 5 gigabytes and 2 software clients backing data to the storage locker would consist of: 1) monthly charge of 1 x $85.00 for the 5 Gigabyte storage locker and 2) 2 Clients x $25.00 for the client software. Total charges per month would be $135.00. Billing occurs quarterly in advance for this service. This also includes an archival copy of your 'storage locker' data shipped quarterly to your firm. Specialize restore software is also included on this USB Drive.

In order to limit bandwidth usage, the initial installation of your storage locker may require the use of our provided client software to make a local backup of your data typically to a USB Hard Drive. This would then be transferred to Deltronix were we would 'mount' this data in your storage locker. Future backups would then occur over the internet and just the files that have changed would be updated in the storage locker.

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