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Your Website Designer has completed your site. Now you are left to maintain and update their work through the content management system (CMS). Many designers services will end once the site is made public leaving you to cope with a dizzying array of programming modules, source code, database maintenance, graphics updates, website configuration, hosting issues, and functionality concerns. Deltronix can step in and act as your consultant and webmaster, offering knowledgeable advice, hands on programming and maintenance for your website. We can fully maintain your website including hosting on our servers, updates per your request, SEO services, periodic statistical reports, image and video conversion for the web, ecommerce updates and maintenance including credit card interface and secure connections. Have a talk with one of our techs and you will be impressed with our knowledge and professionalism. We have been online since 1988 !

Our website migration services can move your site from one hosting provider to another OR to a Deltronix High Speed Server.

If you just need some periodic help we are also available. Your CMS should not pose problems for you, but allow you to easily update content. When problems arise that are outside your scope of knowledge, you will have access to expert help to quickly make your modifications, get the site back online or restore information from a backup. Our services include a duplicate live online backup website which you can use to test your modifications before moving the updates to your 'public' site. Once the modifications are made, the public website is updated with any changes. Working with Deltronix offers your firm the satisfaction of knowing that your website will be maintained and online. Whether located at a hosting company or hosted on Deltronix High Speed Servers and Data Center, we strive for high uptime rates and customer satisfaction. Contact Deltronix for Further Information.. References Available

Some Sample Sites:

Flatiron Panel Products http://www.FlatIronPanelProducts.com

Wilson Hurley - Artist http://www.wilson-hurley.com

LC Materials http://www.lcmaterials.com

Kaleidoscope Shopping Mall http://www.gokaleidoscope.com

Village Square Shopping Mall http://www.govillagesquare.com

Wordwide Composites Search Engine http://www.wwcomposites.com

Remote Power Switch http://www.RemotePowerSwitch.com

Herzan http://www.herzan.com