Dedicated Remote Hands at your Co-Location Data Center, Onsite Help for Your Business

Are you looking for a knowledgeable service company that will maintain your remote servers as if you were personally at the distant location? We are a service orientated company that will offer a comittment to maintain your servers as if they were our own. Deltronix has been maintaining the online presence for a variety of companies in a multitude of industries.

Deltronix can maintain your offsite servers at any of the data centers / Co-Location facilities located in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego or Riverside counties in Southern California. We are centrally located in Orange County, California.

Deltronix outsources our expertise in setting up your remote data center servers offering to accept shipments, setup and maintain equipment per your instructions. We can also house your servers at our location and/or at your data center host. If you are setting up a remote data center or co-location site locally in Southern California from across the US or internationally, we can offer "hands on" assistance as a dedicated source to maintain your servers and equipment.

Deltronix has been online since 1988 maintaining a variety of server systems. From Windows to Linux based systems, web, DNS, mail, disaster recovery and secure servers, chances are we already have the experience necessary to help and maintain your servers online. Our programming expertise helps us understand your applications, debug and correct errors and work with you as a partner to maintain your software. Hardware maintenance includes rack mounting your equipment, cables, switches, firewalls, RPS, KVM, power supplies, backup systems and any other data center needs. We can monitor applications for failure, and respond quickly for software or hardware repair.

We can help relocate your in-house servers to our data center. Using a ticket system, Deltronix can then maintain and update your servers per your needs. Direct KVM access to your servers is available, along with contact with our support staff. Cost savings in power, connectivity fees, IT personnel and equipment are all possible. Your equipment would be maintained in a secure controlled environment by personnel who know the hardware, software and the internet, at a immediate savings.

For further information or a quote, Click Here to Contact Deltronix today!. Telephone: 1-949-380-8969