About Deltronix Enterprises

Experience, Dedication, Knowledge, Professionalism, Expertise

Deltronix Enterprise has been 'online' since 1988. Our first telecommunication venture was in the BBS world (Bulletin Board Systems) with the birth of The Solar System BBS. (Similar to AOL ). This BBS system developed into one of the largest systems in the South Orange County, California area. The Solar System has been featured in numerous media articles and is still listed in the dialing directories of the largest telecommunications programs of the time including Qmodem Pro, Procomm Plus and Telix. We have used Mustang Softwares Wildcat! BBS and now the updated Wildcat Interactive Net Server products since 1988.

Deltronix expanded into internet services in 1993, first with e-mail only services and then expanding into a full service internet provider. Deltronix's unique Remote Power Switch (RPS) was developed based on the markets need for an easy and inexpensive solution to maintain control of distant, critical, online equipment such as web servers, routers, workstations, ATM's, Kiosks, Webcams etc. Deltronix has also authored many interactive telecommunications programs for BBS systems such as Jimmy the Geeks Trivia Gems, FB Pool, and our 'Just the FAX' interactive web page to FAX machine anywhere in the USA. We have introduced the first search engine for the Composites Industry on the internet called Worldwide Composites. Over 35 years of technical experience in the composites industry along with programming expertise helped to bring this search engine into existence.

Deltronix Enterprises became part of InterDeltron Corporation in 2000. Additional investments were made allowing us to complete our own IN-HOUSE data center. This allows complete control of the services supplied to our clients. When you become our client, you can be assured of a highly dedicated team of professionals, who monitors, services, programs and in many cases builds the hardware and servers necessary to give you a level of service few others can provide. Because we have 'hands on' access to our servers, we can easily debug problems, give high uptime assurances, test and customize applications in real time and add needed bandwidth and servers to your site when required. Our expertise allows us to provide unique online backup services that not only backs up your data over the internet, but rebuilds the data to a duplicate server housed in our data center for your disaster recovery needs. Have an idea ? Need a internet knowledgeable staff to program, maintain and host your web/e-commerce site? Need to implement a disaster recovery plan? Give us a call at 949-380-8969 and speak to one of our highly trained staff.

Deltronix Enterprises is heavily geared toward working with businesses of all sizes who need expertise in internet applications, services, programming, web page design, hosting and telecommunications. Our expertise in the marketplace has lead us to be chosen as a beta test site for Rockwell's modem technology( in 1992-93) and Mustang Software Interactive Net Server. Our data center servers run a variety of operating systems, keeping us knowledgeable on software ranging from Linux to Windows.

Deltronix Enterprises can offer your firm a unique advantage in the world of the internet and telecommunications. Our experience and clear understanding of the possibilities of the internet and related technologies can make your ideas and products the winner in this area of business growth. Contact Us today for a free consultation.